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Conditions of entry

2022 G1 Logistic Mildura 100
2022 G1 Mildura 100
April 15 - 17, 2022
April 15 - 17
Please note: To ensure the ongoing financial viability of the G1 Logistics Mildura 100 and in keeping with our policy keeping entry fees low the Mildura Ski Club will not have prize money.
Important Points to Note:
  • Breath testing of all competitors is required prior to racing Saturday morning, Saturday
    afternoon (if tested Saturday morning you are not required to be re-tested) and Sunday
    morning. Random breath testing may take place at the Chief Judges discretion. Breath
    testing will take place near the judge’s area at the start finish line. Please note SRA rule 8.2
    (i(i)), competitors undertaking a breath test must not consume any liquids or food while
    waiting in line for their test and must record a blood alcohol level of 0.000.
  • Entry confirmation will be at the Mildura Ski Club from 12:00pm to 4:00pm on Friday 15th April 2022.
    Competitor packs and race safe will be available to be picked from same location.
  • All Drivers, Observers and Skiers are required to complete their online briefing.
    There is no camping in the boat parking area
  • Presentations will be held at the Mildura Ski Club after racing has finished on Sunday 17th April 2022
  • Racers are expected to follow all Ski Racing Australia Rules and Regulations and respect
    decisions made by racing officials during race weekend.
One Up Skier Conditions:
  • The 1UP classes are not eligible for outright winner overall and/or King of the Murray.
  • The open 1UP class will be speed capped at 110mph.
  • Refunds will be given in the following conditions.
  • Full refund will be available until 11th April 2022 and must be received in writing by this date, no verbal cancellation will be accepted
  • RaceSafe fee will not be refunded after this date.
  • In the occurrence that the event has to be cancelled. A refund will be offered with administration costs removed.
  • Any other refunds will be at the ski club’s discretion.
  • Refunds will be processed after the Mildura 100.