Club Rules

Mildura & District Ski Club 2021/2022
Important Points to Note:
  • All boat drivers must abide by the rules of the River and the Club
  • All ski boats to take off and land in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • After landing a skier, the driver must proceed to a safe spot and haul in ski ropes, before returning to shore.
  • Boats towing ski biscuits must retrieve biscuits, rope and occupants before returning to shore.
  • A boat landing takes preference over a boat leaving shore.
  • Skiers in the water must acknowledge to other drivers and skiers of their position.
  • Boats and skiing permitted only on the downstream side of the boat ramp. Swimming only permitted on the upstream side of the ramp.
  • The boat owner who is last to remove his boat from the river is responsible for locking the ramp chain, toilets, club storeroom, clubhouse and making sure all equipment has been put away.
  • Cars with boat trailers must park at a 45 degree angle to the road fence. Cars without boat trailers to park at a 90 degree angle to the river fence.
  • Ramp and turning area at top of ramp must be kept clear at all times. No parking at the top of the ramp without exception.
  • Visitors and Club members not obeying club rules or not acting in a safe and responsible manner may be directed to leave the club site by a Committee member or security.
  • No dogs permitted on the club leased land.
  • No smoking – this club is a non smoking Good Sports Venue.