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Mildura Ski Club

When a river runs through a community, it’s a given that water sports and spending days swimming, barbequing, and in the Sunraysia sunshine would be the pastime of choice for residents and visitors alike. Which is why in 1959 the Mildura Ski Club was established.

Set to serve the community and promote water skiing in the region, the Ski Club operates under a not-for-profit structure, led by a Board of boating, skiing and water enthusiasts who aim to provide a place of community, socialising, and safety for water sports in the region.

Since its inception, the Mildura Ski Club has cemented its spot as the home of water sports, hosting the world’s fastest ski race, The Mildura Ski 100. Held on Easter weekend, the Ski 100 attracts over 600 entrants annually, showcasing the best water skiers from across the country.

The Mildura Ski Club is situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Murray River, with members having access to the vast lawns and a private sandbar making it the perfect place to soak up the sun, set up marquees, and drop in the boat.

With a 300 strong membership base, the Mildura Ski Club is the foundation for water sports in the region, the vantage point for some of Mildura’s best views, and a place where everyone is welcome to come, enjoy some fun in the sun , and bask in what the banks of the mighty Murray River has to offer.